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About Molecular & Materials Science

TRIUMF has four Experiments Evaluation Committees (EECs), who meet as indicated below:

The purpose of these committees is to review new research proposals which are presented at the meetings and advise TRIUMF's management on the feasibility of such research proposals and the allocation of beam time in appropriate priority sequence. They also review the progress of ongoing experiments. The committee members are selected based on their expertise in areas such as nuclear and particle physics, nuclear astrophysics, application of the muon spin rotation to condensed matter physics, chemistry, life sciences, and nuclear medicine. The committees are comprised of eight or nine members from both national and international scientific communities and each member serves for a period of three years.

Two months prior to each scheduled meeting, TRIUMF sends out a call for submissions, with a deadline set for submission, to all TRIUMF users representing national and international scientists in Japan, Korea, China, Australia, the United States of America, Scotland, England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium, Norway, Israel, Croatia, and Russia. Each spokesperson must submit a proposal containing a concise summary of the scientific problem under investigation, with appropriate literature references; clear justification for the proposed experiment; the names of collaborators; support required from TRIUMF; a description of the experimental techniques to be used, naming the facility required; an analysis of beam time requirements including, for example, a prioritized list of samples; safety considerations, an indication of start-up dates for preparation, and start of data acquisition. Each proposal is then assigned for a detailed review to two committee members with relevant expertise and the proposals are evaluated solely on their scientific merit. All accepted proposals and progress reports are distributed to the TRIUMF Library, Publications Office, and Operations group after the meeting, as well as to our member universities with the report that was generated for the specific meeting. The list of experiments are available online at the TRIUMF Experiments Database.

Dr. T. Imai (Takashi)
Chair / Président
Dr. I. McKenzie
Secretary / Secrétaire
Dr. A. Bianchi (Andrea)
Dr. D. Bryce (David)
Dr. J. Rau (Jeffrey)
Dr. R. De Renzi (Roberto)
Dr. J. Quilliam (Jeff)



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