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Safety Information

Submitting a Safety Report

After an experiment has been scheduled on a given Beam Schedule, the spokesperson or designated safety coordinator will need to submit a safety report to the Science Division. Once the schedule is finalized, an automatic email is sent to all spokespersons for experiments that are listed on the schedule.

Every experiment must submit a safety report and have it approved by a number of people before the experiment will be allowed to run. Therefore, the safety report (and sample handling form for muSR experiments) needs be sent to at least two weeks before the experiment is scheduled to run.

The spokesperson or designated safety coordinator is responsible for producing a safety report and submitting it to the Science Division. If the spokesperson or safety coordinator fails to submit the safety documents two weeks before they are scheduled to run, their beam time will not be guaranteed.

Samples of Safety Reports are available for Subatomic Physics (accelerated RIBs & low-energy RIBs) and Molecular and Materials Science (and in Open Office).

Molecular and Materials Science experiments also need to complete a muSR Sample Handling Form (templates in Open Office, MS Word, or PDF). 

When spokespersons or safety coordinators are preparing their safety reports they should consult the TRIUMF Safety Notes 3.2.1 and 3.3.1.

Safety Reviews

New experiments will have to go through a formal safety review (in most instances). Safety Reviews are typically scheduled at least a month before the experiment is scheduled to run. The Science Division will alert the spokesperson(s) that there will need to be a Safety Review soon after the beam schedule is finalized (usually in March and at the end of August/beginning of September each year).

Spokespersons should note that a Safety Report should be submitted to the Science Division a week or two before the Safety Review (preferably two weeks before).

Technical Reviews

Sometimes experimenters will be asked to prepare a report for a technical review for the experiment for the purpose of providing additional or updated information after the New Proposal or Progress Report is submitted. 

A Technical Review Guide (to be updated in 2015) is available to assist spokespersons with the review preparation.


The TRIUMF Standard Operating Procedure for Experiment Approval and Safety Approval can be found here.

Radioactive Material Information

Radioactive and/or safeguard material (U, Th, Pu) samples require permits before shipment to TRIUMF. See TRIUMF Safety Note 6.4.1 Use and Procurement of Calibration Sources (Document‐652).

For more information, please visit the Environmental Health and Safety Group's website at



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