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Laboratory for Advanced Detector Development

TRIUMF contributes to the design, development, and construction of advanced detectors for diverse applications. The roots of this activity lie in the development of detectors for particle and nuclear physics, but the activities have expanded over time to support advanced detector development for molecular and materials sciences and nuclear medicine. TRIUMF has a long history of collaborating with researchers at Canadian universities in the design and construction of various state-of-the-art detector systems as Canadian contributions to experiments both at TRIUMF and at foreign laboratories. In addition to the TRIUMF detector group, the laboratory has expert designers, engineers, and technicians who are fully engaged in this enterprise.

TRIUMF’s detector group now consists of the detector facility for construction and the recently subsumed Laboratory for Detector Development (LADD), which was created with Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) funding and which brought expertise and tools for the design and construction of the electronic signal processing systems that are vital for the acquisition of large volumes of data from modern detectors.