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Sustainability Features of the TRIUMF Stores Building


The TRIUMF Stores Building is a sustainable building that serves as an important interface between TRIUMF and the outside world, providing character while maintaining its security function. It is designed with sustainable principles in mind. 

Integrated Design Team

  • Environmental performances targets are established at inception of project. by an integrated, cross-disciplinary design team

Sustainable Site & Stormwater Management

  • Net zero impact on ecological health and providing a habitat equivalent with the existing site.
  • Compact footprint, making use of previously paved area previously occupied by service trailers and thereby helping preserve existing forest.
  • Easily accessible by frequent public transit and by bike routes.
  • Highly-reflective roof to reduce the heat island effect and lower cooling to building during summer season.

Water-Use Reduction

  • Use of native planting materials that are native to the region and the microclimate and will require no irrigation

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy-saving features that exceed the baseline set by the MNECB by 40%.
  • Low-power consumption lighting systems and occupancy sensors
  • High-efficiency heating and cooling Equipment.
  • Zero use of CFC based refrigerants for HVAC&R systems.
  • Green Power for the 1st 2 years of operation.

Material & Resources

  • Durable building rain-screen technology
  • Designed for flexibility to allow adaptive change as technology and needs evolve.
  • Energy-efficient envelope, high performance low-E windows


  • Construction Waste achieved 90.5% diversion from landfill.

Healthy Indoor Environment

  • Natural daylight to 100% of regularly occupied spaces
  • Local or individual control for temperature and ventilation. Every regularly occupied space has operable windows.
  • Natural vegetation, trees, open courtyard and window shading to minimize direct solar gain