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Safety and Quality Management Review Meeting


The TRIUMF Safety and Quality Management Review Meeting is held every 3 months to review reports from all groups and committees with an explicit role for safety and quality, and recommend and/or indicate adjustments in the policies, responsibilities, and resource assignments to maintain safe and effective operating conditions for TRIUMF personnel, members of the public, and the environment.




Nigel Smith, Chair

Director & CEO

Fiona Holness, Secretary

Administrative Assistant, Dosimetry and Records

Reiner Kruecken

Deputy Director - Research

Anne Louise Aboud

Deputy Director - Operations

Joseph Mildenberger

Radiation Safety Officer

Rock Neveau

Chief Safety Officer

Maxim Kinakin

Group Leader, Radiation Protection

Violeta Toma

Department Head, Accelerator Operations;
Accelerator Divisional Safety Officer

Jim Hanlon

Chief Administrative Officer

Adrian Lee

TRIUMF Facilities Director

Greg Hackman

Joint Health & Safety Committee Co-chair;
Physical Sciences Divisional Safety Officer

Victor Saenz Balderas

Quality Assurance Manager

Terry Sanghera

Occupational Health and Safety Officer

Shari Wallace

Chief Information Officer

Phil Jones

Training Manager

Bill Richert

Director, Engineering Services / Chief Engineer

Oliver Kester

Associate Laboratory Director  - Accelerator Division

Paul Schaffer

Associate Laboratory Director - Life Sciences Division

Joe Huser

Quality Assurance Specialist - Life Sciences Division

Ian Doyle

Human Resources Manager

Jeff Whyte

Director Quality, Safety and Regulatory Affairs, BWXT

Kathryn Hayashi

TRIUMF Innovations, President and Chief Executive Officer

Yetvart Hosepyan

Head, Applied Technology Group

Mike Trinczek

TRIUMF Innovations Divisional Safety Officer

Petr Navratil

Department Head, Theory