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Beam Time at TRIUMF

The Beam Request Application can be found at OR the Experimenters' Dashboard at (submit your beam requests at either of these websites)


The beam request application for Schedule 143 is now open. The deadline for submissions is August 10th, 2022. Please read the memo below for details before you submit.


To avoid bugs and error messages while using the Experiments Database (and Science Applications), please use the latest version of your preferred browser, but please note that the recommended browser is Mozilla Firefox (and Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported by some of the applications).

After an experiment has been approved by the Experiments Evaluation Committee (EEC), spokespersons will be able to submit a beam request in order to receive beam time on a given Beam Schedule.

The Beam Request Application is usually open in January and July of each year. An email will be sent out from to the experiment program mailing lists when the Beam Request Application is open. If you would like to be on the mailing list for Nuclear or Particle Physics, you can subscribe at For MMS experiments, you can subscribe at

Beam Requests are to be submitted by spokespersons for a given experiment (only spokespersons have access to submit beam requests for the their experiments). Spokespersons will need to login to the Beam Request Application with their TRIUMF login. When a spokesperson logs onto the Beam Request Application they will see a list of the experiments they are the spokesperson for, they should click on "place a new request" beside the experiment number they would like to request beam for and follow the prompts. With this application spokespersons will be able to edit and delete their beam requests. If another spokesperson has already made the request they will be able to view, edit, and delete it, so please communicate with your fellow spokespersons. Multiple requests can be submitted for a single experiment, in order to handle cases where there are varying beam requirements at different times during the schedule.

For further information, assistance, or problem reporting, please contact the Physical Sciences Division Administrative Assistant via email.

Beam Request Memos

Schedule 143

Schedule 142

Schedule 141

Schedule 140

Schedule 138 (SAP experiments)

Schedule 138 (µSR, βNMR/βNQR and PIF&NIF experiments) 

Schedule 137 (ISAC experiments)

Schedule 137 (µSR, βNMR/βNQR and PIF&NIF experiments)

Schedule 136 

Schedule 135 (ISAC experiments)

Schedule 134 & 135 (µSR and PIF/NIF experiments)

Schedule 134

Schedule 133

Schedule 131

Schedule 130

Schedule 129

Schedule 128

Schedule 127


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