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TRIUMF Conference Support

As part of its mission to support the laboratory's research mission, TRIUMF has in-house capabilities for assisting with scientific conferences, workshops, and similar events (like large collaboration meetings).  Hereafter all such events will be referred to as simply "conferences".   

In order for TRIUMF Conference Services to be involved in planning, organizing, or hosting a conference, approval must be obtained from a relevant TRIUMF authority e.g. the Directors, the Project Management Oversight Group (PMOG), or the Chief of Staff (see below).

For conferences being held at TRIUMF, or hosted by TRIUMF off-site, Conference Services assists the Local Organizing Committees (LOC) with their planning and execution of their event. This could include negotiating selected contracts with hotels, conference centres, publishing journals, etc.. If required, Conference Services also could contribute to abstract collection, conference registration, and the preparation and publication of conference proceedings.  Jana Thomson (Conference Facilitator) serves as the key point of contact.

How to register a conference or workshop, and/or request support

Important: The organizers of ALL conferences must consult with the Conferene Facilitator in advance, even if organizers do not anticipate needing Conference Services' help. This includes organizers who wish to just BID on a conference. Doing so will help avoid the potential for clashes with other events, as well as alert the Facilitator in case they are required for last minute issues that often arise. 

So please follow the steps outlined below if you wish to host such events. Conference Services will then set up a launch meeting to discuss and select the best path forward.  

    • Contact the Conference Facilitator with whatever details exist for the proposed conference/workshop. 
    • If advised, download and complete the "Request to Host a TRIUMF Conference or Workshop fillable" [Docushare] form.  
    • If necessary, obtain permission from the relevant TRIUMF authority
    • Send the completed (and if required, authorized) form to the Conference Facilitator.
    • Request and then complete the latest standardized TRIUMF Conference/Workshop budget [Docushare] and seek approval from accounting. 
    • If the event is anticipated to have a substantive load on TRIUMF resources (ie. greater than about 50 attendees), download and complete the Project Event Sheet [Docushare] (conference mapping) and submit to the Chief of Staff.
    • For very large events (about 120 attendees or greater. i.e. larger than fits in the Auditorium), PMOG approval and a formal Gate Review may be required. 

Note: it may happen that Conference Services and/or TRIUMF will not have adequate resources to host or become deeply involved with a proposal, in which case Conference Services can consult on other event anagement options.  

At any step, organizers should direct any questions or concerns to the Conference Facilitator Jana Thomson at:

 TRIUMF Conference Support (Docushare [VPN access required])

Document name

Docushare link to file

Action required

Request TRIUMF Conference SupportRequest for TRIUMF Conference SupportRequired for ALL conferences, workshops, or events,  
regardless of size, requesting conference staff help.
Request to Bid on a ConferenceTBARequired when bidding on ALL conferences, workshops,
or events, regardless of size. 
Budget formBudgetRequired for ALL conferences, workshops, or events,
regardless of size.
Project Event SheetProject Event Sheet

Required for conferences, workshops, or events
expecting >50 attendees.

Gate ReviewPresented to PMOG

Required for conferences, workshops, or events
expecting >120 attendees.

Code of Conduct for Conference/Workshop attendees

In line with our core values of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, TRIUMF is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment that fosters the exchange of ideas, encourages open and respectful dialogue, and is free of harassment and discrimination.

Please identify a person who will be the Point of Contact to receive complaints related to any behaviour that violates the stated Code of Conduct.

If your conference's series (workshop or event included) does not have a Code of Conduct already in place, one must be created using the templated TRIUMF Code of Conduct provided below:

TRIUMF does not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or bullying. Conference participants have a right to belong and a responsibility to treat one another with respect. Acts of discrimination, harassment, or bullying will result in immediate action, and notification of appropriate authorities, if necessary. This includes, but is not limited to: sexual harassment, intimidation, threatening behaviour, sustained disruption, use of offensive or demeaning language including unwelcome or offensive jokes, unwanted photography, screenshots or recording without consent, engaging in biased, demeaning, or hostile commentary based on individual characteristics such as age, race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, nationality, political affiliation, ability status, educational background, or any other characteristic protected by law.
If you believe you have been subject to or have witnessed behaviour that violates this code of conduct, please report it immediately to the Conference or Workshop Chairperson [name and email]
All complaints will be treated with the utmost seriousness and discretion.