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TRIUMF's United Way Campaign


The United Way of the Lower Mainland (United Way) works with local agencies, governments, and donors to improve lives and build healthy, caring, and inclusive communities.

TRIUMF’s annual United Way Campaign is under way and will be running into December, providing each of us with an opportunity to help improve and support our local communities, and create the kinds of communities we all want to live in.


        More information on our Campaign will be coming soon

How to donate

  1. Make a donation through payroll giving
    After donating online, you will get a confirmation. Print it off and bring it with you when you donate your wine or buy 50/50 tickets!
    (or email the confirmation to

  2. Return a pledge form
    Return your completed form to Dana Giasson
    (or email the form to

Donations made through payroll giving can be a one-time donation, or a donation each pay period.

examples of donations made through deduction from pay each pay period - any amount can be set up

$1 per pay = $24/year
$2 per pay = $48/year
$5 per pay = $120/year
$10 per pay = $240/year

You can choose where your donation goes - select where it is 'needed most', or pick one of the 'focus areas'

UBC is also running their annual United Way Campaign with events happening during “PossibilityWeeks” Nov 12-22, 2019.  Please support the local UBC Community and attend some of the upcoming events. Some items are for UBC Staff/Faculty/Students only, but others are open to everyone!