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As a world-leading research laboratory, TRIUMF takes seriously its commitment to the citizens of Canada.

A key component of that commitment is a formal education & outreach program with a mission of promoting science and research in the public arena. TRIUMF’s outreach activities are also designed to tell Canadian students, teachers, and the public about the excitement of curiosity-driven research and about how a laboratory like TRIUMF adds value to Canada in new technologies, medical applications, and highly qualified people.

TRIUMF offers outreach programs for high-school students, teachers, and the general public.  For example:


TRIUMF has an ongoing commitment to education at all levels. Student programs target high-school students, undergraduate, and graduate students, as well as post-doctoral and research assistant positions. TRIUMF provides scholarships, on-site educational opportunities, and student-focused conferences and initiatives. As well as academically focused educational opportunities, TRIUMF provides training for technical and trades careers through co-op programs.

For further information on our academic programs, please visit the Academic Programs website


If you have any questions about TRIUMF's outreach program please contact the Strategic Communications