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5YP Document



Vancouver editor Melva McLean was honoured with the

2008 Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence for her

pivotal role in producing TRIUMF's Five-Year Plan,which took

nine months to complete and involved 50 contributing writers.

Download and read the complete 5-year plan PDF for 2010-2015. The Executive Summary can be read in English and French, or you can download the entire Executive Summary PDF here.


Chapter 1

Mission Statement
Executive Summary
Enoncé de mission


The Vision: Giving Canada the Advantage, 2010-2015

Chapter 2

2.1 The Way Forward
2.2 Alignment with Canada's Science and Technology Strategy
2.3 Gateway to Global Science & Technology
2.4 A Proven Track Record
2.5 Scientific Motivation for the Plan
2.6 Conclusion


Partnerships: TRIUMF, Canada, and the World

Chapter 3

3.1 TRIUMF's Role in the Canadian University Research System
3.2 TRIUMF as Canada's Gateway to the World
3.3 TRIUMF's Role in Creating Synergistic Relationships with Commercial Partners


Successes: Impacts 2003-2008

Chapter 4

4.1 Introduction
4.2 Advancing Knowledge
4.3 Creating Future Leaders
4.4 Generating Economic and Social Benefits


Assets: Physical and Intellectual Capital

Chapter 5

5.1 Introduction
5.2 Expert Personnel
5.3 Accelerators and Experimental Facilities
5.4 Ensuring Accountability and Performance


The Plan: Pursuing the Vision

Chapter 6

6.1 Introduction to the Plan
6.2 The Research Program
6.3 Accelerator Technology Development and Stewardship
6.4 University-led Initiatives Based at TRIUMF
6.5 Broader Impacts
6.6 Implementation Scenarios



Appendix A Publications 2003-2008
Appendix B Summary of Laboratory Statistics
Appendix C Media Coverage of TRIUMF
Appendix D Committees Providing Input to the Five-Year Plan
Appendix E Sample Stories of TRIUMF Alumni
Appendix F Selected Commentary on Global Medical Isotope Production
Appendix G Selected Letters of Support