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Beam Availability and Cost

TRIUMF's latest COVID-19 advisories and updates are available here

The TRIUMF 2022 beam delivery period has started.  It is anticipated that beam from beam line BL1B (low intensity, high-energy protons and neutrons) will be available beginning mid-May and that beam from BL2C (low intensity, low-energy protons and neutrons) and the TNF (high intensity, high-energy neutrons) will be available in June.

As in previous years, we will run BL1B several times this year and anticipate having beam available for customers in May, July and September, as well as in October and December.  Low-energy muons for irradiation testing on the M20 channel may also be available; please contact us for details.

For 2022, the PIF & NIF hourly rate for beam time at both BL2C and M20 is $875 for Canadian users and $875US for all other users.  The hourly rate for BL1B is $975 for Canadian users and $975US for all other users.  The hourly rate for TNF is $400 for Canadian users and $400US for all other users.  There will be a 10% contingency amount added to all quotes to allow for any overages in beam time or logistics fees.  This amount will not necessarily be charged, it just precludes the need to obtain additional purchase orders when necessary. The minimum booking time is 4 hours for all beamlines.

During the TRIUMF operation season, beam is typically available for PIF & NIF users for one week each month on BL2C.  The BL1B and M20 schedules are more restrictive as they need to be interleaved with the TRIUMF Science programme; advance booking is essential.  Use of the TNF is available whenever the main cyclotron is running at high intensity.  TRIUMF always endeavours to provide reliable beam to our customers; for specific scheduling questions or to book beam time, please contact:

Michael Trinczek
Tel: 604.222.7530
Fax: 604.222.1074

Camille Bélanger-Champagne
Tel: 604.222.7706
Fax: 604.222.1074
Ewart Blackmore
Tel: 604.222.1047 ext:6604
Fax: 604.222.1074