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PIF Beam Specifications

For testing with proton beams at both high and low energy, TRIUMF offers two standard configurations. The Standard location features the most uniform beam and is typically used for most irradiations, but an Upstream location is available for higher intensities, though over a smaller area. Specifications are given in the table below.

Extracted-beam energy changes are performed by the Cyclotron operators in the Main Control room and are usually accomplished in under 30 minutes. Degrader changes are done remotely by the user.

The beam intensity is monitored by an air ion chamber which has been calibrated against plastic scintillators or a miniature calibrated ion chamber.  Beam profiles are monitored by an integrating multiwire chamber and there are dedicated electronics and data displays in the Control Area.


BL1B protonsBL2C protons
 Standard Test Energies

350 or 480 MeV (480 MeV preferred)

63 or 105 MeV

Other energies available with a degrader or by changing the cyclotron extraction energy

 Extracted Intensity0.1 to 3 nA0.1 to 7 nA
 Flux (protons/cm²/s)

Standard location:  10⁵ to 4x10⁷ (10² possible)

Upstream location:  7x10⁸ max

Standard location:  10⁵ to 1x10⁸ (10² possible)

Upstream location:  2x10⁹ max

 Spot Size

Standard location:  3x3 cm to 7.5x7.5 cm

Upstream location:  1 to 2 cm diameter

Standard location:  1x1 cm to 5x5 cm or 7.5 cm diameter

Upstream location:  0.5 to 2 cm diameter

Spot Homogeneity

Standard location:  +/- 5%

Upstream location:  +/- 10%

Standard location:  +/- 5%

Upstream location:  +/- 10%

Dose Rate

Standard location:  10 to 20 mGy/s (1 to 2 rads/s)

Upstream location:  up to 500 mGy/s (50 rads/s)

Standard location:  50 to 100 mGy/s (5 to 10 rads/s)

Upstream location:  up to 1000 mGy/s (100 rads/s)

Beam Counting and Monitoring System

Ion Chamber or Scintillator

Ion Chamber, Scintillator, or Faraday Cup
Device-Positioning System

Remote-controlled X-Y platform with laser alignment

Remote-controlled X-Y platform with laser alignment
Access Conditions

22 m cable length to Control Area

22 m cable length to Control Area