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50th anniversary of beam: World’s Most Colourful Cyclotron poster now available

06 March 2024

On December 15, 1974, TRIUMF accelerated H- ions and extracted a proton beam from a 520 MeV cyclotron for the first time.

The activation of the World’s Largest Normal Operating Cyclotron, which has been producing pure proton beams ever since, spurred a dynamic shift in the landscape of Canadian physics and launched TRIUMF’s broad and internationally renowned science program, which today includes particle and nuclear physics, accelerator, life, and materials sciences, and more.

To spotlight this remarkable milestone, the Communications team has developed an illustrated artwork that showcases the hero of this epic - The World’s Most Colourful Cyclotron. 

In addition to the printed copies available onsite, several digital adaptations are available for download on the Discover Our Lab story site, including a mobile background and printable files.

In her artist statement, Danielle Adams notes: "Inspired by sci-fi posters, comic books, and the beautiful environment surrounding TRIUMF, the concept began from an isometric view, with a forced perspective of the mountains, city, and water. The major challenge was accurately representing the intricately complicated cyclotron. With the colourway applied, a narrative emerged with the control room operators and this machine that reflects the daily unseen orchestration between science and art."

Throughout the remainder of 2024, TRIUMF’s innovative community and remarkable infrastructure will continue to be celebrated with a series of events looking back to recognize those original forces that brought the lab to life, in addition to those who continue the quest to maintain and pilot this machine into the lab’s future.

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