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Exploring TRIUMF science through YouTube

24 April 2020

Explore TRIUMF like never before – via YouTube! 

Though our campus remains accessible for only essential work, there are a number of ways to continue exploring TRIUMF and our science through the TRIUMF YouTube page: 

  • Explore the TRIUMF campus through our 360° camera footageExplore the impressive Meson Hall, swing through the ISAC I experimental hall, examine the main injection beamline, and even stop in on DRAGON – an astrophysics experiment (note: 360 video is best experienced on a phone or a tablet via the YouTube app) 

  • Watch feature videos and documentaries, including The Rarest Drug, a Telus Storyhive short on TRIUMF’s work towards the alpha-emitter actinium-225; and Linus Tech Tips visit to a number of facilities across the site! 

  • Tune into public talks, including Stan Yen’s Unveiling the Universe lecture, which explores ghostly neutrinos and their role in the universe.   

And more – take a look! TRIUMF’s YouTube page can be found here – keep an eye out as we continue to build out our media library.  

Elsewhere, wcontinue to share our news and updates about the lab’s work on social via the TRIUMF FacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn pages.