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Pradeep Nair to join TRIUMF as new CIO

04 January 2023

TRIUMF is pleased to welcome Mr. Pradeep Nair as its new Chief Information Officer, effective January 5th, 2022.   

As TRIUMF’s new CIO, Pradeep will lead the ongoing modernization of TRIUMF’s extensive IT infrastructure and ensure that TRIUMF processes and solutions support the needs of the cutting-edge research being performed at the lab. Pradeep brings with him over thirty years of experience in the business and technology industry, including most recently at the University of British Columbia (UBC) as a Managing Director in Development and Alumni Engagement and serving as Co-Chair of UBC’s IT Architecture Review Board. He has extensive experience in the public and private sectors and has held a variety of responsibilities including portfolio strategy, core technical initiatives, risk management development, privacy, information security and compliance strategy, systems administration, IT support services, and asset management. Pradeep has worked within a variety of industries such as higher education, medical technology & research, technical services and consulting, and broadcast entertainment.  

We caught up with Pradeep to ask him a few questions about joining the lab: 

Why TRIUMF? What interested you about the lab? 

There are a few reasons which drew me to TRIUMF.  First, there’s the fact that this is an environment where some of the top minds in the world get to let their imagination run free.  I find being in a room with people smarter than me usually means that any room I enter, and any conversation I have, I will learn something new. Opportunities for lifelong learning have always been things I’ve gravitated towards, and I believe this institution provides those opportunities in spades! 

Second, there’s the fact that TRIUMF is an example of inter-institutional collaboration.  The engagement of TRIUMF with different universities, labs and institutions across Canada and around the world is a hallmark of the character of the institution and, especially in these difficult times, examples of this sort of effective partnership and collaboration are sorely needed.   

Lastly, and probably most personally, there’s the research being done within these walls. Most people I know have been impacted by diseases such as cancer either directly or indirectly and I’m certainly no exception. The research being done here is something that holds a personal interest, and I’m excited to see research that benefits not only cancer patients but also society at large in so many different facets. Being able to be part of something bigger than any of us, individually, and being able to see the beginnings of things that will have a such profound downstream impact is not just fascinating, but also extremely rewarding. I experienced that sense of fulfillment with my work at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, and I look forward to the same here at TRIUMF. 


What are you most looking forward to about working at TRIUMF? 

TRIUMF hosts some of the world’s top scientists, doing incredible research into some of the most interesting questions there are. To be surrounded by top minds means you’re also in an environment where everyone is pushing and striving to be something better in order to make a real difference in the world. Being around these minds allows me to both learn from everyone around me, as well as flex that more inquisitive side of my nature in an environment that supports and encourages people to think differently about the opportunities that are in front of them. I’m extremely excited by both the opportunity to learn about the research being done at TRIUMF, but also to be in a place which encourages and supports people pushing the envelope and bringing interesting ideas to the fore. 


What’s a fun fact about yourself that you’d like to share with the TRIUMF community? 

If you watch the music video for “Brunch Againby Canadian Hip Hop artist, More or Les, well, you may see a familiar face pop up... 

Any last comments? 

I’d like to take a second to thank Gary Munro and the whole IT team who have all been extremely welcoming, reaching out early to help get me a jumpstart on things and also maintain continuity as I come on board. I sincerely and deeply appreciate the efforts they’ve taken both for welcoming me into the organization, but also in keeping things moving across leadership changes, helping to manage pandemic considerations, and numerous other challenges and changes that have cropped up over the past few years. Their efforts are noticeable and make it all the more exciting for me to join such an amazing team. I’m looking forward to working with the whole crew moving forward! 

TRIUMF would like to thank interim, CIO Gary Munro, for his support and service during his time with the lab, and for helping maintain continuity while Pradeep transitions into the new role.  

Welcome, Pradeep!