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September 9 - Update from the Director Search Committee

11 September 2020
The TRIUMF Board of Management would like to share the following announcement on behalf of the search committee for the TRIUMF Director:

The TRIUMF Board of Management is 
pleased to announce the following:  

1)    TRIUMF has retained the services of Boyden, an executive search consultancy to support us in the search for the next director of TRIUMF. Boyden has extensive recruitment expertise in the research and academic communities both in Canada and globally. 

2)    The search committee has been finalized and will be represented by the following stakeholders:   

  • Chair (Digvir Jayas, Board Chair / VP Research & International, University of Manitoba) 
  • Board of Management, Executive Committee (Vivek Goel, Board Vice Chair / Special Advisor to the President & Provost, University of Toronto) 
  • Board of Management, Executive Committee (Walter Dixon, Chair, Finance Committee / Interim VP Research & Innovation, University of Alberta) 
  • Board of Management, Executive Committee (Wendy Taylor, Chair Personnel Committee / Professor, Physics & Astronomy, York University) 
  • Board of Management, Executive Committee (Rob Thompson, Chair, Safety & Security Committee / Associate VP Research, University of Calgary) 
  • UBC (Gail Murphy, Board member, VP Research UBC) 
  • TRIUMF Associate Laboratory Director (Oliver Kester)  
  • TRIUMF Research Scientist representative (Isabel Trigger) 
  • TRIUMF Technical and Administrative Staff (Doug Preddy) 
  • TRIUMF Users Community (Rituparna Kanungo, Saint Mary’s University) 
  • National Research Council (NRC) Representative (Geneviève Tanguay) 
  • Jim Hanlon (Secretary to the Search Committee) 
  • Ian Doyle (HR Resource to the Search Committee) 
The Board thanks the leaders of the major stakeholder groups for submitting their nominations in support of this very important endeavour. 

The search committee will meet with Boyden within the next week to begin the collaboration, align on the search methodology and process steps as well as the communication strategy for communicating developments to the community. 

As well, the committee is in the process of identifying groups within TRIUMF that Boyden will contact for input into the development of a search brief that will define the role and a candidate profile that will outline candidate experience and qualifications, and guide the search committee in selecting our next Director for TRIUMF. 

Please stay tuned for further updates.