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3.16 Celebrating the first 500-MeV beam

December 15th, 1974: Control room celebration of the first full-energy operation of the cyclotron.

Some names, more or less left to right :

John Kaminski, Helen McIlroy, unknown, Jack Carey, John Vincent (rear with beard), Corlin Bordeaux (goatee), Toshimitsu Yamazaki,

Garry Wait (beard), Mike ?, Gerardo Dutto, Roger Poirier (foreground), Jim McIlroy (middle), George Mackenzie (rear), Randy Churchman (foreground),

Dave Gill, Glen Stinson, Reg Richardson, Mike Pearce, Erich Vogt, Corrie Kost, Roy Bendall, Brian Pate (rear), unknown (beard),  Ewart Blackmore, Roy Brown, Siggy Turke, John Cresswell