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4.A0 Proton Hall 1974

Bird-eye view of the Proton Hall (south at the top) two months before the first experiments began.

Beamline 4B (top left corner) is equipped with a scattering chamber for proton-induced nuclear reaction studies. The Medium Resolution Spectrometer (MRS) and Second Arm Spectrometer (SASP) were later installed on this line. BL4B is capable of handling a 1uA beam.

Beamline 4A (crossing the middle of the Hall) is being prepared for the BASQUE experiment (top right on beamline 4A2), a long-running survey of all aspects of proton-proton and neutron-proton scattering in the 180-520 MeV energy range.  BL4A2 is capable of handling a 500nA beam.

Beamline 4A3 splits off of BL4A at the survey point (at centre) and goes toward the lower right. Three quadrupole magnets are in position to conduct beam to the SFU isotope production experiments, TISOL (TRIUMF Ion Source On-Line) and TRINAT (TRIUMF Neutral Atom Trap), all of which were early proof-of-concept tests for the future ISAC facilities.  This line was also used for the FERFICON (Fertile to Fissile Conversion) and TRIM (TRIUMF Radio-Isotopes for Medicine) experiments. BL4A3 is capable of handling a 10uA beam up to 520MeV.