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A Big Book: TRIUMF Five-Year Plan is Published

22 August 2008

The principal support for TRIUMF's operations is through a contribution via National Research Council Canada (NRC). NRC funding is awarded in five-year increments to the laboratory which dictates the schedule for preparing the Five-Year Plan (5YP). The current five-year funding period ends in 2010 and a new plan is needed to propose activities for the 2010-2015 era. A large number of people around the site (and even across Canada) have been feverishly working on the formal report for more than 18 months.

The full report has been completed and published. It is entitled "Five-Year Plan 2010-2015: Building a Vision for the Future" and spans more than 850 pages: a weighty tome indeed. Printed copies have been delivered to members of the NRC International Peer Review Committee--a group that will assemble at the end of September 2008 at TRIUMF to provide an independent assessment of TRIUMF's performance and impact and its proposal for the next five years.

To facilitate reading of the report, different versions are being prepared. A stand-alone excerpt of the first chapter (including English and French versions of the Executive Summary) has been printed and includes a CD-ROM of the full report. A fully bi-lingual version of Chapters 1-3 is being prepared and will be published in mid-September. To view the full report, please download the screen-resolution PDF format here (warning: the file is 40 MB).

For more information on the TRIUMF Five-Year planning process, please visit the overview page.

By Timothy Meyer
Head, Strategic Planning and Communications