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CFI Awards TRIUMF and Canada a Strong Future

18 June 2009

The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and the Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry, today announced more than $665 million for new state-of-the-art infrastructure at 41 Canadian research institutions. Supporting 133 projects through the CFI's Leading Edge Fund and New Initiatives Fund will help Canada's best and brightest researchers conduct cutting-edge research with world-class equipment and facilities.

A number of the successful proposals involve contributions from and to TRIUMF, Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics.  Ritu Kanungo (Saint Mary's University) will be leading a new charged-particle spectrometer to be used at TRIUMF for rare-isotope science experiments ($0.5M from CFI).  Jeff Martin (University of Winnipeg) will be leading the design, construction, and operation of a world-leading ultracold neutron source facility to be sited at TRIUMF in collaboration with Japan ($4.2M from CFI).  Carl Svensson (University of Guelph) will be leading a next-generation gamma-ray spectrometer project called GRIFFIN that will be used at TRIUMF for detailed study of rare isotopes ($4.3M from CFI).  Perimeter Institute received $10.0M for an expansion for global leadership.  Under the leadership of Mark Boulay (Queen's University), the SNOLAB laboratory will host new experiments in particle astrophysics called SNO+ and DEAP/CLEAN ($10.6M from CFI).   Dean Karlen (University of Victoria) will be leading a consortium of universities across Canada in the design, construction, and operation of Canada's first superconducting electron linear accelerator with many applications in materials science, medical-isotope production, accelerator technology, and nuclear physics ($17.8M from CFI).

A total of $247,664,977 was awarded to 64 projects under the Leading Edge Fund, which enables institutions to build on already successful and productive initiatives supported by past CFI investments. $264,741,466 was awarded to 69 projects under the New Initiatives Fund, which aims to enhance Canada's capacity in promising new areas of research and technology development.

Congratulations to these innovation leaders!  We at TRIUMF are eager to make these opportunities become reality.


For a full listing of the awards, please visit the CFI web page.


-- T.I. Meyer, Head of Strategic Planning and Communications (with information from CFI press release)