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New Faces on the WWW

12 February 2009

The Institute of Particle Physics (IPP) and TRIUMF are releasing new web sites this week.  These sites aim to reach a broader audience of stakeholders, better serve members of the Canadian subatomic physics community and inform the general public about ongoing projects and experiments.

The two organizations have a longstanding relationship, ensuring that Canadian resources devoted to particle physics are used optimally to coherently address the most fundamental questions about our Universe.  TRIUMF is Canada’s national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics and Canada’s steward for the advancement of accelerator science and innovative technology. IPP promotes particle physics across Canada, employing an outstanding group of research scientists who play key roles in our highest priority projects, as well as exposing the next generation of Canadian scientists to opportunities in particle physics worldwide. The launch of these new websites will result in a more accessible and engaging source of information that will align with Canada’s need to support the industry, improve health care and ensure our knowledge-based community continues to grow.

The TRIUMF website is being rolled out in phases.  Please contact with observations about broken links or other errors.  We will continue to work hard on all of this.

By William Trischuk, Director, IPP