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TARA enters Second Year, Holds AGM

22 December 2010

On December 16th, 2010, the TRIUMF Alumni and Retirees Association (TARA) held its second Annual General Meeting. The group has existed for almost two years, and its goal is to foster a continuing sense of community for those who leave TRIUMF and wish to stay connected with their former co-workers and colleagues. The group now has 99 members. TARA also serves as a resource to TRIUMF as a supply of knowledgeable volunteers.

Some of the benefits that TARA provides are:

  • names and contact information for its members to stay in touch,
  • access to TRIUMF House at the TRIUMF-internal rental rates,
  • access to computer information from TRIUMF, and
  • discounts on car rentals.

TARA is also working towards obtaining benefits for its members such as discounts from supply companies and access to the UBC library.

TARA members also often receive invitations to TRIUMF social events such as retirement and holiday parties, opening and commemorative ceremonies, annual events, and sports such as golf, the fun-run, bowling, ski-club. TARA holds an annual general meeting for its members organized by the TARA Executive Committee, with the support of TRIUMF.

TARA also seeks to hold social events for members to get together, such as barbeques in the summer. A photo gallery is also available to all TARA members, including old photographs of TRIUMF from archives, and images from events such as retirement parties and memorials.  Another interest of TARA's is to connect its members back to those who are currently working for, or affiliated with TRIUMF. TRIUMF employees will be invited to participate in the TARA summer barbeque, or just stop by and mingle with the group!

TARA and TRIUMF have a mutually beneficial relationship, and TARA is a resource for TRIUMF in many ways. Some of TRIUMF's highly experienced tour guides for the outreach program are TARA members. TARA members also have the opportunity to give back to TRIUMF by volunteering to speak at schools or conventions. TARA members also provide a knowledge bank of mentors to voluntarily assist with new hires, provide technical expertise in problem solving, or work as volunteers at conferences.

Membership in TARA is easy, and at no cost. TARA currently accepts those who have formerly been an employee, or an experimental user, or an associate in some other capacity, and worked for, or have been affiliated with TRIUMF for three or more years.

To learn more, and apply, visit the TARA website here: May the spirit of TRIUMF and its community live long!

-- Jessica Coccimiglio, Communications Assistant, with Roy Moore, President, TARA