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TRIUMF says “Bienvenue!” to France’s ambassador to Canada

04 December 2008

On the afternoon of Friday, November 28, TRIUMF welcomed François Delattre, France’s ambassador to Canada, as part of his tour of British Columbia. The ambassador, as well as several members of the Vancouver Consulate General, met with the French employees at TRIUMF including Jean-Michel Poutissou, Associate Director and Head of the Science Division, and Director Nigel Lockyer.

François Delattre became France’s ambassador to Canada in June of 2008 after serving from 2004 to 2008 as the Consul General at New York. TRIUMF was flattered and delighted that the ambassador elected to visit TRIUMF as part of his short tour of British Columbia between November 26 and 28. The trip also included launching the Levi-Strauss scholarships at the UBC Museum of Anthropology and attending the opening gala for the European Union Film Festival.

With Ambassador Delattre was Alexandre Garcia, the French Consul General in Vancouver, accompanied by the scientific attaché, Danielle Ziebelin, and the cultural attaché, Hadrien Laroche. They were greeted by a small gathering representing France’s involvement at TRIUMF, including students, professors, scientists, and members of private business. After a short reception, Dr. Poutissou explained the facility and the collaborative work that TRIUMF was doing with French institutions before giving Ambassador Delattre a tour of the experimental halls.

It is a tradition for the ambassador to visit important centers of activity in each province, focusing on their collaboration with and importance to French citizens. The visit to TRIUMF also allowed Ambassador Delattre to meet Dr. Poutissou, who had received the Legion d’Honneur from the previous French ambassador to Canada, and who is a well known member of the French scientific community in Vancouver.


Banner photo, from left to right : Cyrille Beltrando, Fabrice Retiere, Jean-Michel Poutissou, Chloe Malbrunot, Jean-Claude Brodovitch, François Delattre, Hadrien Laroche, Alexandre Garcia, and Danielle Ziebelin.



Kaitlan Huckabone
TRIUMF's Communications Assistant