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TRIUMF launches Discover Our Lab

19 March 2021

Today, TRIUMF launches a brand new public outreach websiteDiscover Our Lab 

Discover Our Lab is an accessible, curiosity-driven website that allows visitors to explore TRIUMF’s diverse science programs, delve into the lab’s 50+-year journey, and access full (and growing!) suite of multimedia outreach content. 

Visitors can embark on a self-guided exploration of the facility behind the fence using the Interactive Map, which combines an innovative mix of 360° camera footage, virtual tour content, drone videoand LIDAR-generated content. Duck your head into the TRIUMF Machine Shop, or take flight for a bird’s-eye view of the ongoing construction of the Institute for Advanced Medical Isotopes (IAMI). Elsewhere, take a leap down the TRIUMF Time Tunnel, a multimedia exploration of TRIUMF’s five-decade history of expanding science and hard-earned achievements. Visitors can also keep tabs on the TRIUMF’s community, laboratory events, and outreach initiatives, including live-streams, recorded lectures and other public talks. 

“This is truly a comprehensive team effort,” said TRIUMF’s Program Manager, Outreach and Engagement Jesse Abney, who led the development of Discover Our Lab. “This is an important step towards keeping TRIUMF accessible to the publicTransforming the physical on-site designs into interactive web media to engage all ages, while learning more about the lab’s depth and breadth of impact on the national science landscape. We look forward to continuing work towards improving the experience, expanding our digital content and overall accessibility in the months to come.”  

The Discover Our Lab site is an initiative from TRIUMF’s Communications team, which has been working to increase TRIUMF’s digital media presence in response to the impact of the pandemic on the lab’s public program. The Communications team would like to thank the many collaborators within the TRIUMF community who helped bring Discover Our Lab online, as well as student contributions from the British Columbia Institute of Technologythe University of Waterloo, and the Capilano University IDEA School of Design.