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Get a Half-Life: Isotopes as the unlikely heros of modern medicine

Dr. Schaffer uses accelerators to develop tools and techniques to advance the field of nuclear medicine. He discusses the promise advanced medical isotopes hold for disease diagnostics and therapeutics, and his team’s award-winning efforts to produce a secure supply of critical medical isotopes.

Unveiling the Universe

In this free public lecture series hosted by TRIUMF at Science World, scientists from around the world come to Vancouver and share the biggests mysteries and advances facing science and physics today.

All lectures are recorded and available in the archive catalogue.


 Café Scientifique: Doing Big Bang in
 the Laboratory

Dr. Murayama lives to solve nature’s elemental puzzles like eccentric particles, dark matter and why our universe is expanding so swiftly.

In this 90-minute seminar he discusses what we are doing to figure out "Where do we come from?"

Curious about Medical Isotopes?

Technetium-99 (Tc-99m) is a commonly used medical isotope used in diagnostic imaging of the heart, brain, and bones. TRIUMF and partners have created an innovative solution to alleviate the predicted global shortfall of medical isotopes production.

Created by Ballistic Arts.

ariel video


TRIUMF's newest facility, ARIEL will help lead the way in alleviating future medical isotope shortages while keeping B.C. and Canada at the forefront of particle and nuclear physics.

99 things

99 Things You Can Do at TRIUMF

A peek inside of our lab - 99 things you can do at TRIUMF, in three minutes!

Science at TRIUMF

Narrated videos introducing research topics at TRIUMF:

  • Particle Physics
  • Nuclear Astrophysics
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Materials Science



Premiered at TRIUMF's 40th Anniversary Open House!

  • About TRIUMF
  • 40 Years of History
  • The Future: Nuclear Medicine

Physics in Action

Educational videos targeted at Grade 12 high-school physics students



TRIUMF's 40th Birthday

  • Highlights from TRIUMF's 40th Anniversary Open House
  • Commemorating TRIUMF - The Apple Tree Ceremony