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Topics in the Science Division

  1. Theory of new structures in neutron-rich nuclei.
  2. Neutrino interactions and the nuclear equation of state in core-collapse supernovae.
  3. PIENU: Measurement of the pi->e nu brancing ratio. A high precision particle physics experiment studying the universality of interactions is being performed at TRIUMF using advanced technology and analysis techniques.
  4. Medical imaging development for PET. Innovative advanced technology using liquid xenon is being developed for positron emission tomography. Projects in medical imaging, detector and electronics technology, and other areas of medical technology are available.
  5. Geophysical Tomography. A new approach to studying the structure of the earth using cosmic ray muons is under development. Projects are associated with simulations, inversion, and technologies.
  6. Casting light on matter-antimatter symmetry: trapping and spectroscopy of cold antihydrogen atoms with the ALPHA Antihydrogen Project at CERN.
  7. Atom trap for beta-decaying isotopes measures the neutrino-electron angular distribution to test the standard model of electroweak interactions.
  8. ATLAS at the LHC (analysis)
  9. Particle Detector Development for the upgraded ATLAS detector at the CERN LHC