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When You Arrive at TRIUMF

 Please check TRIUMF's Covid-19 Lab Policy and Procedures page for the latest information

To make your arrival go smoothly, please contact
the Visitor Services Coordinator.


  • Users planning to travel to TRIUMF while COVID-19 protocols are in place must request pre-approval from the Deputy Director, Research.  Please fill out the online form here

  • To provide data for contact tracing, Approved Users must:  

TRIUMF Business Hours

The business hours at TRIUMF are from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, except Canadian staturory holidays. There will be someone at the Main Reception Desk to assist visitors during these times. 

Visitors requiring assistance outside business hours are asked to call the TRIUMF Main Controol Room at 604-222-7333

Applying for Office or Laboratory Keys

If your TRIUMF contact determines that you require additional keys to access locked areas or offices within TRIUMF, these will be issued or requested by the staff in charge of the Dosimetry Service.


For building and site maps of TRIUMF

Please visit the Maps page.


Temporary Parking Permits

If you have your own vehicle or if you rent a vehicle during your visit, you must obtain a temporary parking permit from the Visitor Services Coordinator which must be displayed on your dashboard.

This form is available from our Visitor Services Coordinator, or on-line.


Applying for Long Distance Telephone Privileges 

During your stay at TRIUMF, the need may arise for your to telephone calls for which long distance charges may apply. In order to place a long distance call, you will be required to enter a phone code. To obtain a long distance phone code, you will need to contact the TRIUMF Accountant or Assistant Account who will assign you a temporary code. Alternatively, you can use this interactive application link


Other Administrative and Accounting Processes or Information

Reimbursement of Expenses

Depending on the nature of your visit to TRIUMF, you may be eligible for reimbursement of expenses. These are handled through our Accounting department. The Request for Payment form (pdf) (fillable pdfmust be completed and duly authorized. Expense reimbursement cheques are issued every Friday, based on all submissions received by noon on Thursday.

Accounts, Billing and Reporting

Prior to commencing an experiment, please contact the Accounting department if you need to set up appropriate accounting, billing and reporting arrangements.

Stationery and Office Supplies

If you require office supplies, these are handled by our Materials Management group, and provided through "Stores". Please contact one of the individuals in this group for more information. This group can also provide you with information on ordering, shipping and receiving, and customs fees and processes.