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When You Depart TRIUMF...


Computer Accounts 

If you have a computer account at TRIUMF, all personal files on your computer should be deleted or copied to your own disk or CD and email folders should be deleted. 

Your computer access will remain active throughout the authorization period but will be cancelled within 5 working days of the expiry of your authorization period.


Address Forwarding

Please advise our Office Services staff of your forwarding home or institutions address if you anticipate receiving any further mail.   Contact:  Office Services - Local 7475



 Any incoming personal mail will be forwarded to you for 30 days only. Thereafter, personal mail will be returned to the sender. Business mail will be forwarded to your contact at TRIUMF


Library Books 

If you have borrowed any books from the TRIUMF Library, please make sure you have returned them before your last day of work.


Radiation Badge 

Please leave your radiation badge in its designated spot on the badge racks on your last day at TRIUMF.



Any keys that have been issued by TRIUMF should be returned to Reception on your last day of work. Any keys issued to you by UBC requiring a cash deposit, must be returned to UBC for refund.


Security Photo Access Card 

  1. Long Term/Returning/Frequent Visitors : If you will be returning to TRIUMF or frequenting the lab on a regular basis, you are welcome to retain your card. It may be deactivated on your departure date, but will be reactivated upon notification of your return arrival date.
  2. Short Term/Non-Returning Visitors : If you are not returning to TRIUMF, your security photo access card MUST be returned to Reception on your last day of work, or left in the drop box at Reception. This card will be deactivated upon departure from TRIUMF.