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Before Your Visit to TRIUMF

Please note that the requirements for short-term visitors (under 6 months) have changed. Most people need a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to travel to Canada. Please visit the Government of Canada website to determine which type of documentation you will need. 

If you have any questions about how work permits, visas, invitation letters, etc and pertain to TRIUMF visitors, please contact your TRIUMF Host/Contact, or see here.  For further details, please contact our  Visitor's office.

Invitation Letters, Work Permits, and Immigration 

From within Canada

contact your TRIUMF Host for details of any paperwork required.

From outside of Canada

Many users coming to the TRIUMF facility are foreign nationals and as such they will require special paperwork and documents to fulfil regulatory requirements.

Please visit Visitor Work Permit & Immigration for important information about the steps necessary to successfully plan a visit to TRIUMF. (n.b. your TRIDENT authoirzation is required to login)  

For visitors planning longer term visits, or to visit TRIUMF more than once in a year, please pay particular attention to the details of the 120-day researcher exemption.

Medical/Travel Insurance

For visitors seeking travel insurance for unexpected medical emergencies, it is suggested to start the search for coverage here and here.   TRIUMF does not offer insurance directly as a service.


PLEASE NOTE: Pacemaker Warning for visitors on site 

Visitors to TRIUMF who wear pacemakers or other medical implant devices are advised to avoid any high magnetic field environments until they check with the manufacturer of their specific device to see if it is affected by high magnetic fields. The TRIUMF First Aid Program requires that visitors carry a card in their wallet or wear a medical bracelet to alert our designated first aid attendants or outside medical personnel of their medical condition and the fact they wear a pacemaker. TRIUMF Occupational Health and Safety personnel are able to map out restricted areas if required.


Arranging Accomodation

Visitors to TRIUMF are welcome to stay at TRIUMF House, which is TRIUMF's own guest house located less than 2 kms from the laboratory. Our Guesthouse is intended for short stays only, so if you require long term accommodation or if you are unable to stay at TRIUMF House for any other reason, there are other options that may be available to you.


Shipping Equipment to TRIUMF

If shipping within Canada, please address your equipment or packages to your TRIUMF Host/Contact at:

Attention: (put name here)

6095 Nurseries Road
Vancouver, BC  V6T 2A3

Information for shipping from outside Canada