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1st International ARIEL Science Workshop Second Circular

This is the second announcement for the "1st International ARIEL Science Workshop" on July 7, 2011 at TRIUMF. This workshop will match the timing of the summer TRIUMF Users Group and Subatomic Physics EEC meetings.

We invite the community to participate in this workshop.  In particular we are soliciting contributions on the science questions that researchers would like to address by using ARIEL [] at ISAC.  We envision a series of contributed short oral presentations which address what ARIEL needs to deliver in order to enable the science.  The workshop program [] will include international invited speakers, primarily with expertise in the implementation of effective science programs at facilities similar to ARIEL.

If you are interested in contributing specific ideas to the discussion of the ARIEL science program, please send a short e-mail to describing, in a paragraph or two, an experiment or scientific program that is enabled by ARIEL.  As usual, such a summary should include a title and a brief discussion of the scientific goals, experimental equipment, and requirements for beam delivered from ARIEL.  We do not expect either abstracts or proposals in a traditional sense; if available, coarse estimates (e.g. order-of-magnitude estimates of required dose and beam purity) would be helpful. The committee will begin to review the contributions on June 1st and begin developing the science discussion session of the workshop at that time.

We look forward to your participation.  Please feel free to contact the members of the organizing committee if you have any questions. Further information on the workshop and on ARIEL may be found at [] . 


The Organizing Committee

Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri, Chair (

Greg Hackman, Co-Chair (

Kim Chow (

Barry Davids (

Gerald Gwinner (