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HR Forms Checklist: Foreign Postdocs

The following forms and documentation are required by our Human Resources department to complete the administrative side of your onboarding process with TRIUMF.

Please note: several forms require a Canadian address (i.e. MSP Enrollment form, TD1 Federal Tax Credit Return and TD1 BC Provincial Tax Credit Return forms) or a Canadian bank account (i.e. Direct Deposit form) in order to be processed.

We understand that foreign employees relocating to TRIUMF will need to open an account with a Canadian banking institution or secure a residence in Canada once they have arrived in Vancouver. In this case, you may submit the above mentioned forms after your arrival at TRIUMF once you have secured the necessary bank and address requirements.

Likewise for your Social Insurance Number (SIN), it is highly recommended that you apply in person when you arrive as you will receive your SIN immediately if all of your documentation is in order. The sooner these requirements are met and forms submitted, the sooner we can add you to our payroll.

Foreign Employee Documentation:

General Information:

The Graduate Students and Postdocs Society (GAPS) primarily focuses on providing professional and academic development opportunities,    as well as encouraging members well-being both inside and outside of TRIUMF.  They try to provide all graduate students and post-docs at TRIUMF with the resources they need to thrive as individual researchers and as a community.  They also act as a distinct graduate student/post-doc voice to TRIUMF management.

Benefits Enrollment Forms:

As outlined in your employment offer, you may be eligible for some or all of TRIUMF's health, wellness, and pension benefits.

Detailed information regarding all benefits offered by TRIUMF, including our in-house wellness program, is available online. Please visit our Benefits Page to familiarize yourself with the benefits available to you.

If you are eligible for benefits, please complete the following benefits enrollment forms and return to TRIUMF Human Resources prior to your start date:

* A Note on Medical Coverage

All British Columbia (BC) residents are required to have basic medical coverage through the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP). As a foreign employee with a work permit, you too are considered a resident of BC by MSP and are therefore required to have basic medical coverage.

MSP Waiting Period

New or returning residents to BC must complete a waiting period before they are eligible for MSP. The waiting period consists of the balance of the month of your arrival, plus two months.

Your health and well-being are extremely important. If you suffer a sickness or injury, the most important thing is for you to get the proper medical attention. Without health insurance, the high cost of medical services in Canada could limit your access to the care you would need, or leave you with a large debt to pay. A health insurance plan from your home country may not cover you once you leave that country; may not offer adequate coverage for Canada; and/or may not provide the service of arranging medical evacuation in the event of a critical emergency. It is important you understand what medical coverage, if any, you arrive with.

Private Medical Insurance During MSP Waiting Period

If you do not have coverage while you are waiting to be eligible for the provincial MSP, you should arrange to purchase private coverage during the waiting period. The cost is reasonable and covers emergency medical only.

During the probationary period, TRIUMF will purchase temporary emergency medical coverage for you and your family members should you require it. 

To purchase temporary private medical coverage, please complete "Section 1" of the Temporary Emergency Medical Coverage application form included above and return to our Human Resources Department with your signature prior to your start date.

Payroll & Employee Agreement Forms:

Returning your forms to TRIUMF Human Resources:

  1. Via e-mail in PDF format:


  2. In person on your first day of work


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