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Unveiling The Universe Lecture Series

TRIUMF and Science World present the Unveiling the Universe lecture series.

In this free public lecture series hosted by TRIUMF at TELUS World of Science, research scientists from TRIUMF and around the world discuss the biggests mysteries and advances in science and physics today.

Ticket Information

Interested public are encouraged to register for the free lectures in order to reserve a seat for the live event. 


All lectures are recorded and available in the webcast archive catalogue.

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Upcoming lectures

Detecting the Ghost Particles of the Universe

Dr. Stan Yen, TRIUMF 

Past Guest Speakers

  • Paul Hickson, In Search of the First Light
  • Chris Jillings, The Search for Dark Matter
  • Makoto Fujiwara, What's the matter with Antimatter?
  • Rocky Kolb, From the Quantum to the Cosmos
  • Paul Schaffer, Medicine Accelerated
  • Hitoshi Murayama, Mysteries of the Quantum Universe
  • Lyn Evans, Building the LHC

Visit Eventbrite for further event details and registration, required to attend this event.