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PO Exemption List

In most cases, a Purchase Order is required to purchase goods and services at TRIUMF.  Specific purchases may be exempt from PO requirements. The following types of purchases may be PO exempt:

    • Memberships* in associations, institutions, societies, and other organizations, which benefit TRIUMF’s operation and enable the achievement of its vision, mission, and values;
    • Sponsorships* which TRIUMF may support at conferences, congresses, professional or academic associations,  or other organizations/institutions;
    • Utilities such as water, electricity and natural gas;
    • Taxes to governments;
    • Insurance Premiums to insurance agencies;
    • Legal fees;
    • Salary; and
    • Fund transfers to university members.

*Criteria for Memberships and Sponsorships are outlined in TRIUMF Sponsorship & Membership Policy (Document-148945).