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Otto Häusser Postdoctoral Fellowship

TRIUMF is pleased to announce the establishment of the Otto Häusser Postdoctoral Fellowship, a prestigious two year appointment with a possible one-year extension. 

Competitive with similar appointments offered at other national laboratories and leading universities around the world, this highly-prestigious fellowship is a unique position offered to exceptional young researchers seeking to advance their work in any area of TRIUMF’s broad research program including: Accelerator Science, Life Sciences, Molecular & Materials Science, Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics, and Theory (for more information on TRIUMF's research programs, please visit The appointment also recognizes the fellow’s outstanding achievements with opportunities to enhance the visibility of his or her research both within their field and the scientific community at large.

This Fellowship recognizes the late Dr. Otto Häusser (1937-1998), and in acknowledgment of his dedication to excellence, life-long learning, and communication of science, the Otto Häusser Postdoctoral Fellowship places great emphasis on leadership and communication.

Benefits of Being a Fellow

  • Advance your research with the freedom to participate in any aspect of TRIUMF’s research program which covers the areas of Accelerator Science, Life Sciences, Molecular & Materials Science, Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics, and Theory (for more information TRIUMF's research programs, please visit
  • Enhance the visibility of your research with ample opportunities to make presentations on your research findings both at TRIUMF and its member universities
  • Receive mentorship on research and career development from top researchers
  • Work in a dynamic multidisciplinary research environment and live in a world-class city
  • Develop leadership skills through a professional development program tailored to your needs
  • Hone your presentation and communication skills by participating in TRIUMF’s education, outreach, and science communication initiatives such as public talks, seminars, facility tours, community outreach festivals, visits to local schools to interact with students and teachers, and much more
  • Receive a competitive salary, plus an additional $5,000 annual research supplement

Terms of Appointment

The Otto Häusser Fellow is appointed for a term of up to three (3) years. The Fellow is given the opportunity to participate in any aspect of TRIUMF’s research program. The Fellow may also pursue new initiatives within TRIUMF's research program that are consistent with TRIUMF's mission statement and supported by peer-reviewed funding. In addition to a competitive salary, the Fellow receives a $5,000 annual research supplement.

The Fellowship offers a competitive health benefits package, an attractive postdoctoral salary, and an excellent opportunity to enhance your research career portfolio in a high profile national research facility.

Application Process


The applicant will have completed their doctoral degree within one year of the application deadline. Doctoral students who expect to receive their PhD by the spring of the respective application year may also apply. In particular, the applicant should have no significant postdoctoral experience prior to starting this fellowship.

NOTE: Newly appointed postdoctoral researchers at TRIUMF member universities working on the TRIUMF research program may also apply for the fellowship if they work at TRIUMF at least half of the time.


Fellows will be selected based on:

  • their demonstrated potential for leadership in their field as evidenced by their doctoral work
  • their ability for communicating the significance of their work, as exhibited  through presentations, written materials, and other forums

Recruiting Process

  • Candidates are required to submit all requested application materials by the application deadline. Each candidate will be evaluated based on submitted application materials.    
  • A Selection Committee will review the applications.
  • The Committee may solicit additional letters of reference.
  • Candidates will be invited to TRIUMF to interview with the Committee and present a seminar.
  • The Selection Committee will reach a decision and notify applicants who were invited to TRIUMF.
  • The Fellow is expected to begin in the fall of the competition year. The exact starting date can be negotiated.

Note: The Fellowship may not be awarded every year.

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee will be composed of representatives from each major TRIUMF research program (Accelerator Science, Life Sciences, Molecular & Materials Science, as well as Nuclear and Particle Physics, including Theory), two of whom must be external. The Committee will be chaired by TRIUMF’s Deputy Director. Upon reaching a decision on an application, the Committee will issue a recommendation to the TRIUMF Director for a final decision. 

About Otto Häusser

The Otto Häusser Postdoctoral Fellowship honours the late Dr. Otto Häusser (1937-1998), a scientist who made considerable and lasting contributions to TRIUMF and to physics in Canada. Häusser’s dedication to pushing our understanding of the shell model in nuclear physics and to finding evidence for quark degrees of freedom in nuclei led him to develop state-of-the-art detectors like the 8pi gamma-ray spectrometer, the MRS focal plane polarimeter, the Chargex facility, and the world's most advanced polarized 3He target at that time, which he used as a polarized neutron target at TRIUMF, Los Alamos, and DESY. Häusser conceived and built the TRINAT facility, one of the first radioactive atom traps. 

A nimble mind, he had the capacity to combine a deep understanding of physics at any level, and dedicated himself to the quest for excellence in experimental techniques, data analysis, and theoretical interpretation of measurements. With his insatiable curiosity and passion for science, he delivered superb pedagogical presentations. Few have equalled Häusser’s outstanding achievements in more than three decades of research in Canada. 

TRIUMF expects the recipients of the Otto Häusser Postdoctoral Fellowship to strive for the commitment to excellence and life-long learning exemplified by Häusser.

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