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TRIUMF Affiliate Scientists and Engineers

About the Program

“Affiliated Scientist/Affiliated Engineer” is a designation which recognizes select national and international scientists and research engineers who are making special contributions to TRIUMF.

The Affiliate program formalizes long-established relationships between these scientists and research engineers and TRIUMF, while providing an equitable and transparent means to recognize and nurture their extraordinary contributions that goes beyond the routine use of TRIUMF facilities. The Affiliates' contributions support TRIUMF’s mission and vision, for example, via a close collaboration on in-house or external experimental projects, or via special theoretical support. 

The Affiliate Scientist/Engineer designation can be awarded to scientists or research engineers who are present at TRIUMF occasionally or for extended periods. The Affiliate Scientist designation will replace the Visiting Professor and Sabbatical Visitor designations.

Affiliated Scientist and Engineers may make use of TRIUMF internal services such as procurement, recruiting, accounting, and the undergraduate student program, allowing them, for example, to host students and postdoctoral research fellows at TRIUMF. They also will have the opportunity to participate in the mentoring and internal review processes at TRIUMF, and may be asked to contribute to the lab’s outreach and educational activities.

For more details, please see the Affiliate Scientist/Affiliate Engineer policy document below.

How to Apply

Applications to become an Affiliated Scientist/Engineer are made through the appropriate Associate Laboratory Director and must be approved by the Director. Each application will be evaluated on its individual merits. 

Policy or program inquiries can be directed to:   affiliates-at-triumf-dot-ca

Affiliate Scientist/Engineer

TRIUMF Policy Document-137652

(61KB PDF)

Affiliate Scientist/Engineer Policy