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Advisory Committee on TRIUMF (ACOT)


The Advisory Committee on TRIUMF advises the National Research Council on all aspects of the TRIUMF program insofar as they relate to the determination and administration of the federal contribution to TRIUMF. The Committee provides scientific program advice to the Director of TRIUMF. The Committee reports to the National Research Council each year on its findings and recommendations, with particular reference to the arrangement entered into by the National Research Council and TRIUMF under which contribution payments are made, thereby ensuring that TRIUMF utilizes its program in support of its defined role as a national facility and works with all constituencies of the Canadian subatomic physics community to sustain a national program in the field of research, within the context of the funds available.



Dr. D.B. MacFarlane (David)
(outgoing Dec 2017)

Chief Research Officer,  SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Dr. Y-K. Kim (Young-Kee)
Department Chair, Physics and the Enrico Fermi Institute
University of Chicago
Ms. D. Delanoe (Deva)
Planning and Policy Analyst, National Research Council Canada
Ms. F. Bawa (Frenny)

Business Consultant, Vancouver

Dr. M. Borge (Maria)ISOLDE Group Leader, ISOLDE-PH, CERN
Dr. K. Borras (Kerstin)Professor for Experimental Physics, DESY/RWTH Aachen University
Dr. C. Broholm (Collin)

Director, Johns Hopkins Institute for Quantum Matter

Dr. S. Jurisson (Silvia)Professor of Chemistry & Radiology, University of Missouri
Dr. D.B. Kaplan (David)Professor of Physics, Institute for Nuclear Theory,
University of Washington
Dr. B. Sherrill (Bradley)

FRIB Chief Scientist, National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory,
Michigan State University

Dr. D. W. Stracener (Daniel)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Dr. H. Weise (Hans)

Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft

Dr. D. Jayas (Digvir)
Ex-Officio/Membre d'office
Representing TRIUMF Board of Management
Prof. M. Roney (Michael)
Ex-Officio/Membre d'office
Representing Institute of Particle Physics

Prof. G. Huber (Garth)
Ex-Officio/Membre d'office

Representing Canadian Institute of Nuclear of Physics

Dr. G. M. Luke (Graeme)
Ex-Officio/Membre d'office

On behalf of the Materials Science Community

Dr. H. Logan (Heather)
Ex-Officio/Membre d'office

Representing NSERC Subatomic Physics Evaluation Section

Ms. E. Diepenveen (Emily)
Ex-Officio/Membre d'office

Representing NSERC

Dr. K. Leach (Lyle)
Ex-Officio/Membre d'office

Representing the TRIUMF Users’ Executive Committee