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TRIUMF is organized to meet its objectives while maintaining accountability, quality, and effectiveness.

TRIUMF Top-level Organization Chart

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Office of the Director

The Office of the Director is comprised of the Director and Deputy Directors who are ultimately responsible for the strategic leadership and day to day operations of TRIUMF.


The Directorate includes the following functions: Administration & Business; Board governance; Communications; Design & Fabrication; Engineering Services; Environment Health & Safety; External relations; Facilities; Finance; Human Resources; Information Systems & Technology; Quality; Additional oversight is given to the commercial operations of TRIUMF House (guest accommodation) and TRIUMF Innovations (commercialization arm).

Scientific divisions


The Accelerator Division has operational responsibility for all accelerator facilities on site The Division also has responsibility for the design, construction, and commissioning of future accelerators on-site, and it provides support for external accelerator projects.

Physical Sciences

Physical Sciences is responsible for scheduling experiments approved by its respective Experimental Evaluation Committees (EEC). The Division is also responsible for the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of components and systems required for all experimental operations on site, as well as coordination of infrastructure support for external programs.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences is responsible for the support of projects approved by the Life Science Projects Evaluation Committee (LSPEC) and provides support for collaborations with the University of British Columbia, BC Cancer, BWXT Medical and other university faculties relying on radio-tracers from TRIUMF for their research. This Division is also responsible for the design, installation, operation and maintenance of components and systems required for radioisotope production and processing facilities for tracers to be used in research projects both at TRIUMF and at other laboratories.

Leadership Team

Learn more about TRIUMF's Leadership Team.

TRIUMF Innovations

While a separate entity, TRIUMF Innovations serves as the interface bridging TRIUMF with the business world. TRIUMF Innovations link cutting-edge science and technology to tangible business opportunities. Visit the TRIUMF Innovations website for more information.