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COVID-19 Task Force

TRIUMF has convened a lab-wide task force – chaired by Anne Louise Aboud, TRIUMF’s COO and Deputy Director, Operations – to facilitate planning related to COVID-19. With the situation rapidly evolving, the task force will meet daily to develop guidance informed by best practices from federal and provincial authorities – tailored to the specific needs of the TRIUMF community.

Task Force Members:

Anne Louise Aboud (Chair)

Jonathan Bagger

Reiner Kruecken

Jim Hanlon

Ian Doyle

Anne Trudel

Jens Dilling

Joanna Carson

Sean Lee

Violeta Toma

Dan Rowbowtham

Stuart Shepherd

Carla Rodrigo

Return to Site Subcommittee Members:

Adrian Lee

Anne Louise Aboud

Betty Tran

Daniel Rowbotham

Esther Schirrmacher

Ian Doyle

Iris Dillmann

Jonathan Aoki

Jonathan Bagger

Maxine McKay

Navid Zolfaghari

Oliver Stelzer-Chilton

Paul Schaffer

Reiner Kruecken

Sean Lee

Terry Sanghera

Yetvart Hosepyan

Research Ramp Up Subcommittee Members:

Accelerator Division

Oliver Kester

Alex Gottberg

Physical Sciences Division

Jens Dilling

Iain McKenzie

Chris Ruiz

Life Science Division

Conny Hoehr


Reiner Kruecken

Marcello Pavan

Mike Trinczek


Daniel Yates


Contact: If you have questions or concerns to share with the TRIUMF COVID-19 task force, please email ''.