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COVID-19 Task Force

TRIUMF has convened a lab-wide task force – chaired by Anne Louise Aboud, TRIUMF’s COO and Deputy Director, Operations – to facilitate planning related to COVID-19. With the situation rapidly evolving, the task force will meet daily to develop guidance informed by best practices from federal and provincial authorities – tailored to the specific needs of the TRIUMF community.

Task Force Members:

Adrian Lee (Chair)
Anders Mjos

Stu Shepherd (Secretary)
Dan Rowbotham 
Evan Hawley

Iain McKenzie
Ian Doyle 
Iris Dillman

Mike Trinczek
Terry Sanghera
Vicky Hanemaayer
Jens Lassen


Contact: If you have questions or concerns to share with the TRIUMF COVID-19 task force, please email ''.