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Site Access Protocol

Accessing the TRIUMF Site

Effective July 1st, there are no restrictions for healthy TRIUMF staff returning to on-site work. TRIUMF continues to monitor the number of people on-site, with specific staffing decisions being managed at the divisional level. 

If you have any questions about your individual circumstances with respect to Return to Site, please contact your ALD and divisional administrative assistant. 

General questions about site access? Please email 

Communicating with the Driver Control Room

No special procedures are required to access the Driver Control Room. 

For visitors and contractors 

All visitors and contractors must follow all the requirements of workers at TRIUMF, including training, safe work protocols, and reporting changes in health.
NEW no longer required: Scientific users and vis
arriving by plane must complete the Travel Information Form to provide data for potential contact tracing.  

  1. Access to the TRIUMF site by visitors or external contractors is limited to those approved by their division

  1. All usual safety protocols must be used, including pre-job briefings, job hazard assessments, work permits, etc.  
  2. If working alone, pre-arrange for a buddy system
  3. Limit your activity to the areas required to complete the specified work