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Site Access Protocol

Please follow the appropriate protocol for your level of access. Note that if you are granted access to the TRIUMF site, you do not need to contact the Driver Control Room upon your arrival/departure to/from site.

Questions about site access? Please email 

For staff with approval to return to site
For staff without approval to return to site
For visitors/contractors

Communicating with the Driver Control Room

For the health and safety of our Operators, no unauthorized personnel are permitted in the Driver Control Room. Please call 7333 if you require assistance.

Respirators (N95 or half mask) must be worn by any outside  personnel accessing this area. Contact Radiation Protection Group for a respirator if required.

Accessing the TRIUMF Site

TRIUMF continues to monitor and manage the number of people on site, with specific staffing decisions being managed at the divisional level.

All those seeking to work on site must first consult with thier division to ensure the requst can be accommodated. The total number of staff onsite is based on operational requirement, as well as guidance from government and health authorities.

If you have any questions about your individual circumstances with respect to Return to Site, please contact your ALD and divisional administrative assistant.

For staff with approval to return to site: 

  1.  Access to TRIUMF, be it MOB or inside fence, is limited to those approved to be on site

  2. If your TRIUMF access involves working alone, pre-arrange a buddy system 

  3. All usual safety protocols must be used, including pre-job briefings, job hazard assessments, work permits, etc.

  4. If you took out a work permit: when work is complete, return the work permit and inform the Driver Control Room that work is finished

For staff without approval to return to site

  1. Access to the TRIUMF site, including the MOB, is not permitted. If you would like to access the site, please contact your ALD to determain if your request can be accommodated

  2. If you need to pick something up from your office or from Stores, contact your ALD and arrange for someone on site to pick it up on your behalf, or make a post in the TRIUMF Community Discussion Board

For visitors and contractors 

All visitors and contractors must follow all the requirements of workers at TRIUMF, including training, safe work protocols, and reporting changes in health. Scientific users and vistors must consult the Visitor Safety Guidelines before arrival, and complete the Travel Information Form to provide data for contact tracing. 

  1. Access to the TRIUMF site by visitors or external contractors is limited to those approved by their division

  1. Visitors/external contractors must complete the TRIUMF COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire before site access is granted 

  2. All usual safety protocols must be used, including pre-job briefings, job hazard assessments, work permits, etc.  
  3. If working alone, pre-arrange for a buddy system
  4. Limit your activity to the areas required to complete the specified work