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TRIUMF-supported name change process for published research

TRIUMF is joining an international partnership, including all 17 US national laboratories, that supports name change requests from researchers on past published papers. This initiative looks to reduce the burden on individuals and facilitate the name change process across institutions associated with the researcher’s output. This process is enabled by an international group of laboratories and academic organizations. 

TRIUMF supportname changes on publications for any Canadian-based member of the TRIUMF community for any reasonThe initiative is transgender-inclusive and will allow our broad and diverse community of researchers to better own their academic work at every point in their career and under any lived name, ensuring everyone is fairly recognized for their work, their achievements, and their contributions to science and society. This initiative is an outcome of our ongoing commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) actions across the laboratory. 

For more information about how to initiate a name change, please contact All inquiries will be handled in confidence and with discretion by the TRIUMF teams.