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Jessica Bohm named co-op of the year at University of Waterloo, Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science

26 April 2024

Last month, former TRIUMF co-op student, Jessica Bohm, was named co-op of the year at University of Waterloo in the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science.

Jessica Bohm

Jessica Bohm, a fourth-year computer science student, made a meaningful impact during her co-op work term at TRIUMF in winter and spring of 2023.  Jessica's supervisor at TRIUMF was Max Swiatlowski.

As an ATLAS deep learning research assistant, Bohm utilized her analytical skills to conduct groundbreaking research that will contribute to evolving particle acceleration. 

Bohm had the opportunity to test a variety of machine models to determine their quality and performance. She demonstrated both her capabilities and resilience by accompanying this work with complex research. 

“Through my time (at TRIUMF), we learned that the models did perform quite well on certain aspects of the overall goal,” Bohm said. ”I was excited to hear that the work I had done, the research and development of these machine learning models, could be used in the final reconstruction process of the ATLAS data.” 

Congratulations Jessica!