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Teaching at TRIUMF

TRIUMF scientists offer specialized lecture and lab courses available to students across Canada.

Subjects will include areas where TRIUMF has particular expertise not available at all schools. Lecture courses are taught by experienced teachers in a classroom/videoconference/online blended environment, making them accessible to students across the country. A suite of detector and instrumentation setups also is being developed at the lab for use in speciallized lab courses for undergraduates and graduates.

For more information about the teaching program at TRIUMF, please contact the Head, Academic and User Programs.

Lecture Courses @ TRIUMF

TRIUMF lecturers will offer specialized courses not avaiable at all schools. Subjects will vary each term, and will include topics like introductory and advanced nuclear and particle physics and nuclear chemistr or accelerator physics.  All courses are offered through one of our Member Universities, typically UBC, UVic or SFU.

Classes will be taught in a blended learning environment, combining online elements with classroom instruction for local students while broadcasting to distance students by videoconference.  A room is being prepared at TRIUMF dedicated to providing a quality distance learning experience.

The Lecture Courses @ TRIUMF page lists the upcoming course offerings.

Laboratory Courses @ TRIUMF

TRIUMF has a collection of facilities, detectors and instrumentation that permits a unique laboratory teaching experience for students not available at any school. 

A diverse suite of equipment that could be used for laboratory coursework is being developed, including such things as gas and silicon trackers, scinitillator arrays, crystal detectors, atom traps, and more.  There is even the possibility to employ beam from TRIUMF accelerators.

These setups could be used for both intermediate and advanced undergraduates, honours thesis students, and graduate students. 

Member University professors interested Lab Courses @ TRIUMF should contact the Head, Academic and User Programs.

Course Opportunities at Member Universities

TRIUMF plans to act as an information portal about course opportunities at our Member Universities that could be made available to students at other institutions. If your school has such courses, please contact the Head, Academic and User Programs.


Last updated December 1, 2023