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Lecture Courses at TRIUMF

TRIUMF scientists offer specialized lecture courses available to students across Canada.

Subjects will be in those areas where TRIUMF has particular expertise not available at all schools. Lecture courses are taught by experienced teachers in a classroom/videoconference/online blended environment, making them accessible to students across the country. 

The available courses for the upcoming terms are listed below.  

For more information about the teaching program at TRIUMF, including course details and registration information, please contact the Head, Academic and User Programs.

Winter 2024

UBC Physics 560/UVic Physics 522: Physics and Engineering of Particle Accelerators
Instructors: Dr. Oliver Kester, Rick BaartmanRobert Laxdal

The course will provide an introduction to the physics and technology of particle accelerators concentrating particularly on proton and ion accelerator technology. The course will include a survey of existing accelerator types and an introduction to transverse and longitudinal beam optics. The course will also include an introduction to the physics and technology of ion sources and charge breeders, an overview of radioactive ion beam production, an introduction to accelerator radio-frequency principles, key fundamentals of superconducting radio-frequency technology, and more detailed aspects of room temperature and superconducting linear accelerators, cyclotrons and high energy circular machines. The course should appeal to students of Accelerator Physics, as well as to students of Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics and other students interested in Particle Accelerators.
Course Description (updated Dec 21, 2018)

UBC Physics 527: Topics in Nuclear Physics
Insructors: Dr. iris Dillmann, and others

This course is meant for graduate and advanced undergraduate students who have already taken an introductory course in nuclear physics. The course will survey a series of advanced topics in modern nuclear physics with a focus on the areas connected to TRIUMF's research program.

UBC Physics 528: Elementary Particle Physics
Instructor:  Dr. David Morrissey

Overview of particle physics theory, including basics of QFT and QED, symmetries in particle physics, Higgs mechanism, QCD, etc.

Students should be familiar with obtaining Feynman rules from a Lagrangian, and know how to compute scattering amplitudes in QED.
Course Description

Autumn 2023/Winter 2024 (TBD)

UBC Physics 505: Introductory Nuclear Physics
Instructors:  Dr. Barry Davids, Dr. John Behr 

This is an introductory survey of nuclear physics at the graduate level, suitable for students who have not previously taken nuclear physics. The prerequisite is undergraduate quantum mechanics and electromagnetism. Where possible, nuclear physics will be linked to applications in astrophysics and medical physics. 
Course Description

Last updated December 1, 2023