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TRIUMF welcomes University of Regina as newest full member university

11 April 2018

<Image courtesy of the University of Regina>

TRIUMF is pleased to announce the addition of the University of Regina to its roster of full partner universities, effective March 30th, 2018.

This deepening of the TRIUMF-University of Regina partnership stems from a strong foundation many years in the making. As early as 1983, the University established TRIUMF-based research programs in intermediate energy physics, including proton-nucleus and pion-nucleus interactions. The University then joined the TRIUMF consortium in 1989 as the first associate member and has since played a valuable role in TRIUMF’s neutrino research collaborations (at T2K) and, more recently, nuclear structure and astrophysics experiments. Collaborating with TRIUMF on the T2K project, the University of Regina research team has played a leading role in the construction and operation of the Fine Grained Detector and in physics analysis and software development. They are also working with the Canadian team toward the upgrade of the existing T2K facilities to increase the experiment sensitivity to other neutrino properties and possible discoveries. The University is also woven into the fabric of TRIUMF’s future as a key contributor to the development of the Advanced Rare IsotopE Laboratory (ARIEL), a flagship project for Canada and one of the greatest scientific facilities under construction in the world.

“Our particle physics researchers are leaders in their field, with a national and international reputation for excellence," says Dr. David Malloy, University of Regina Vice-President (Research). "Full membership with TRIUMF will allow these researchers to more fully participate in global high energy physics projects as we work toward the next generation of neutrino experiments. Further, the scientific impact of accessing the expertise and world-class infrastructure at TRIUMF has the power to strengthen our high-calibre graduate program in physics.”

As a community, TRIUMF wishes a warm welcome to the University of Regina as a full member and looks forward to new collaborative opportunities and continued shared successes. Welcome aboard, U of R!