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Instructional Physics DVD to be distributed to high schools across Canada

News Release | For Immediate Release | May 05, 2008


(Vancouver, BC) -- TRIUMF, Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics, today announced its Physics In Action DVD at the BC Science Outreach Fair in Vancouver. The educational series, which is designed for Grade 12 Physics students, consists of six animated/live-action video sessions on a number of key physics concepts which will help students better understand the Universe, the environment we live in, and the physics that describes it all. TRIUMF is ready to distribute the free DVD to 2,600 high schools in Canada.

"TRIUMF is committed to ensuring Canadian youth are the best-educated on the planet. The Physics In Action lesson series teaches students about the physical sciences and shows them that physics, in addition to being fun and exciting, can lead to rewarding careers in Canada's emerging knowledge-based economy," says Nigel Lockyer, Director, TRIUMF. "As an award-winning Centre of Excellence, TRIUMF attracts some of the world's best scientists to conduct advanced physical and life sciences research at the Vancouver-based facility. This is our opportunity to leverage our strengths to encourage physics education."

Each lesson on the DVD uses different stages of TRIUMF's particle accelerator to demonstrate clear and simple explanations of physics. The standard concepts of electricity, magnetism, potential and kinetic energy, classical mechanics and forces are illustrated using the TRIUMF cyclotron and other accelerators – technology that cannot be accessed in normal classroom experience.

"This DVD series is truly a unique way for TRIUMF to share its recognized global expertise in the physical sciences to inspire students," mentions Lockyer. "TRIUMF has a special interest in sharing our passion for physics with youth because they are the future leaders who will achieve tomorrow's research breakthroughs. It's about sharing our global excellence and making a local impact for our youth."

The DVD is the first in the series of three that will be produced over the course of the next few years to cover additional topics, including the history of the universe, the Big Bang Theory, and the formation of the elements on earth. Physics In Action is available to teachers across Canada at no charge, by contacting TRIUMF by mail or via the TRIUMF website.

The Physics In Action DVD was made possible through the support of NSERC PromoScience, TRIUMF, and the Vancouver Foundation. The TRIUMF DVD team was led by Dr. Marcello M. Pavan of TRIUMF, produced by A. Ross Belyea and John Lambert of Gravity Labs, and included consultation with many scientists and engineers at TRIUMF as well as a dozen highschool science teachers from around British Columbia.



TRIUMF is Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics. Located on the south campus of the University of British Columbia, TRIUMF is owned and operated as a joint venture by a consortium of the following Canadian universities, via a contribution through the National Research Council Canada: University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, University of Calgary, Carleton University, University of Guelph, University of Manitoba, McMaster University, Université de Montréal, Queen's University, University of Regina, Simon Fraser University, Saint Mary's University, University of Toronto, University of Victoria, York University.



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