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TRIUMF Logo Usage

Clear Space

When using the TRIUMF logo, please ensure that no additional elements are placed within the clear space. This includes text, graphics and page or frame edges. The clear space around the logo should be the width of the 'T' of 'TRIUMF'. In situations where the logo is placed in the frame or page corner, the clear space on the corner edges may be reduced to half the width of the 'T' in 'TRIUMF'.


The tagline, "Discovery, accelerated" summarizes TRIUMF's mission in a simple and memorable way.

When possible, the tag line and logo should appear in the opposite corners of a page or frame, with a minimum space of one logo height and one logo width between the elements.

When used in conjunction with the logo, the tag line should be placed underneath the logo, with the width of half the TRIUMF 'T" separating the two elements. 

Do not:


Download the TRIUMF Logo