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TRIUMF is committed to the public dissemination of its work to a broad audience. As part of its mission, a set of multimedia videos has been developed to describe TRIUMF's work in particle physics, nuclear astrophysics, molecular and materials science, and life sciences. 

Each of these four videos uses a combination of digital animation, analogies, real-world footage, and narration to portray different aspects of TRIUMF's research programs.

  • Particle Physics Learn about the quest to understand the ultimate building blocks of the universe and how Canada teams up with other countries via TRIUMF.
  • Nuclear Astrophysics Why are gold and silver such precious metals? Where do they come from? Learn how TRIUMF studies these questions by recreating environments related to the explosion of stars called supernovae.
  • Molecular and Materials Science Learn how scientists use TRIUMF's beams of exotic particles to probe the detailed structure of materials...and what it is all good for!
  • Life Sciences Learn what medical isotopes are and how they can be used to study functions within the human body. See where they are made at TRIUMF!

The streaming videos are available for free distribution provided that TRIUMF is credited as author and owner of the content and the videos are not significantly altered. Please contact TRIUMF for access to the high-quality source files.