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1st International ARIEL Science Workshop First Circular

We will be holding an "ARIEL Science Workshop" on July 7, 2011 at TRIUMF to match the timing of the summer TRIUMF Users Group and Subatomic Physics EEC meetings.

The Advanced Rare IsotopE Laboratory (ARIEL) will be TRIUMF's flagship facility that expands Canada's capabilities to produce and study isotopes for science and medicine.  Aside from the e-linac that is already funded, the ARIEL project encompasses a second proton beam line for rare isotope production. Together with the existing proton target for ISAC, the parallel operation of 3 RIB production targets at TRIUMF will enable a broad spectrum of world-class science.

The scope of this first ARIEL Science Workshop is: to provide the international subatomic and materials science communities with a sense of the capabilities available at ARIEL and ISAC as well as possible implementation scenarios and time lines for various aspects of the project (e-linac, targetry, RIB delivery, proton beam line); to identify unique and world-leading scientific opportunities for the RIB program of ARIEL and ISAC in all phases of the ARIEL project; and to identify the best implementation scenario allowing for maximum scientific impact of the facility throughout the developments towards full operation of 2 proton beam lines and the e-linac in parallel.  The ARIEL project and program are described online; schematic drawings of the overall facility and the target hall are available.

We invite the community to participate in this workshop.  In particular we are soliciting contributions on the science questions that researchers would like to address by using ARIEL at ISAC.  Time in the workshop will be reserved for oral presentations from the community.  We envision a series of contributed short oral presentations which address what ARIEL needs to deliver in order to enable the science.  The details of oral and other presentations will be determined once the contributions are received.  The workshop will include international invited speakers, primarily with expertise on the implementation of effective science programs at ISOL facilities similar to ARIEL.

In the coming weeks you may refer to for details on participation, registration, abstract submission, and the agenda.  A call for abstracts will come out separately with a deadline of June 1, 2011.  The organizing committee will review these abstracts for oral or other presentations, and a final agenda will be generated by June 15, 2011.

We look forward to your participation.



The Organizing Committee

Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri, Chair
Greg Hackman, Co-Chair
Kim Chow
Barry Davids
Gerald Gwinner

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