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TRIUMF Forges New Research and Technology Partnership with India

News Release | For Immediate Release | August 07, 2008


(Vancouver, BC) -- TRIUMF, Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics, today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre (VECC) from Kolkata, India to establish a technology, research and trade partnership in advanced materials, physics, and life sciences technologies.

This agreement formalizes a collaborative research and development partnership between these India and B.C.- based laboratories to share resources and technical expertise in superconducting radio-frequency accelerator technology. Canada has recently changed its policy on nuclear science and technology with India to enhance this type of collaboration. Featuring an initial $2.25 million investment by TRIUMF and VECC, this collaboration will generate new business in B.C. and spur developments in cancer diagnosis, the study of materials and nuclei, and medical-isotope research. The agreement will also include the exchange of scientists from India and Canada to share knowledge and experience in building accelerators.

"Through this partnership, we will design and build a revolutionary new generation of accelerator that will impact physics, materials science, and nuclear medicine. This partnership puts B.C. at the forefront of physics research and discovery," noted Nigel Lockyer, TRIUMF Director. "TRIUMF's ongoing success in research, development, and commercialization is based on our reputation for investing in people and fostering the international exchange of innovative ideas through collaborations like this one."

Bikash Sinha, Director of the India-based VECC laboratory looks forward to the partnership with a Canadian- based laboratory. "Today's agreement represents the partnership of two of the world's leading laboratories for advanced accelerator technology. By working together, we expect to increase the economic, social, and environmental benefits that can be realized through this research," said Sinha.

The agreement builds on the spring 2008 success of a team of scientists and engineers from TRIUMF and Richmond, B.C.-based PAVAC Industries, Inc., in fabricating the first superconducting cavity. It was the combination of this technology demonstration and TRIUMF's reputation that drew VECC into the partnership. The TRIUMF team will be leveraging its resources with those from VECC with this agreement, thereby keeping Canada at the forefront of this rapidly growing area of science, technology, and innovation.

Donald Brooks, Associate Vice-President Research for the University of British Columbia congratulated TRIUMF and VECC. "This new partnership will facilitate the increased exchange of knowledge and expertise between India and British Columbia further strengthening our ties with the Asia Pacific region. Collaborations of technology, education, and innovation like this are vital to our economy and in achieving new scientific understanding," said Brooks.

About Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre (VECC)

The Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre (VECC) is one of five premier research and development units of India's Department of Atomic Energy. Located in Kolkata, the laboratory is dedicated to carry out frontier research in the fields of accelerator science and technology, experimental and theoretical nuclear science, materials science, and computer science and technology. The Variable Energy Cyclotron, for which the laboratory is named, is a large cyclotron accelerator built in India in the 1970s-the first of its kind in that country. It is used by researchers from all over the world. VECC is also a major producer of accelerator-generated medical isotopes.



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